While our business model and values set us apart from other environmental consulting firms, it is our key staff who make us special.  The members of our consulting group are all senior technical experts who each provide 2 – 4 decades of focused experience.  We are pleased to introduce the key members of our staff:    


Kyla Leon

Chief Executive Officer

Kyla is an executive manager and senior technical project manager with over 15 years of experience in multiple industries and with different types of organizations. Kyla excels at client management, cross-agency coordination, dispute resolution, technical team management, and leveraging complex data to meet client needs. She is adept at translating business needs into technical requirements, and designing data-focused strategies.


Peter Leon

Principal Scientist

Peter leads science and regulatory services for Leon Environmental, LLC.  Peter offers 20 years of experience as an environmental scientist with an engineering background and a passion for shorelines and industrial aquatic sites.  He provides technical and management expertise in permitting, sediments, habitat restoration, dredging, CERCLA, regulatory compliance and negotiation, interagency coordination, training development and public outreach.  Through his work for Ports, industrial shoreline facilities, agencies and private landowners, he has earned a reputation for integrity and effective project delivery.  Peter's success stems from his ability to listen and understand client concerns; his attention to quality, scope, schedule and budget; and his ability to communicate effectively with project proponents, staff, team partners, regulators and stakeholders.




Michelle is a biologist with expertise in aquatic and riparian environments who works collaboratively with local, state and federal agencies to deliver technical and permitting solutions to our shoreline clients.  Her experience includes:  preparing scientifically-defensible permit application materials for public and private clients; assessing juvenile salmonid passage and habitat; planning and implementing riparian restoration efforts; shoreline monitoring (forage fish, eelgrass, near-shore fish use, and beached bird surveys); assessing stream processes; and assessing toxic benthic algae and increased nitrogen loading in low-nutrient freshwater reservoirs.  Michelle channels her passion for natural resource issues with her scientific expertise to work seamlessly with senior staff at Leon Environmental to deliver cost-effective and timely solutions to the technical and regulatory challenges our clients face.


Judy Brown

Project Coordinator / Editor

Judy has over 40 years of word processing, desktop publishing, and graphics experience.  She excels in the full presentation design process, from creating conceptual designs to detailing final production.  Judy is a critical member of our team who ensures that our deliverables meet the highest presentation standards, which is exactly what our clients should always expect from us.


John Malek

Senior Consultant

John is a technical, policy and strategy expert focused on development and aquatic natural resource issues, particularly related to dredging and contaminated sediments.  He has been involved with environmental project management, permitting and resource issues throughout the Pacific Northwest for more than 40 years, including development and implementation of the Puget Sound Dredged Disposal Analysis program, design and conduct of sediment investigations, habitat restoration and planning, and other environmental studies in Puget Sound.  John’s experience includes technical, policy and management support to Region 10’s Superfund program, particularly ARAR compliance (e.g., habitat mitigation/restoration per CWA 404), and interpretation of policies and practices of U.S. EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, particularly CERCLA, CWA, MPRSA, and NEPA.   He advises governments and industries in meeting multimedia environmental requirements related to marine and freshwater environments, sediment management, and contaminated site remediation and restoration.


Joanne Markert

Senior Consultant

Joanne is a program and project manager with a multidisciplinary background in science and technology. Joanne has two decades of experience delivering successful GIS and IT technology solutions for both technical and non-technical users. Joanne excels at using technology to communicate and interpret complex natural resource data. With her primary focus on understanding and meeting client needs, Joanne provides services ranging from basic GIS figure preparation to developing full-featured applications that interpret natural resource data. Joanne’s projects depend upon her aptitude for strategic planning, conceptual architecture development, data design, workflow documentation and application development. Joanne has a proven track record as an effective communicator and leader who can deliver complex projects requiring significant coordination, complex analysis, and implementation of enterprise-wide systems.


Bill Rehe

Senior Biologist

Bill is a Fisheries Biologist and Restoration Ecologist with 20 years of experience working with Ports, tribes, natural resource agencies (federal, state, local), NGOs, commercial and residential parties. He serves as a technical expert and project manager for a diverse range of projects including critical area investigations, permitting, all phases of mitigation, monitoring and compliance. Bill uses his experience and reputation to find solution to a wide range of natural resources problems.



Senior Landscape Architect

Gisele is a registered landscape architect and certified planner with over twenty years of experience delivering public and private projects throughout the Puget Sound region. She has been instrumental in planning, designing, permitting, and implementing numerous shoreline redevelopment projects including public access and habitat restoration projects. Her expertise includes balancing protection and restoration of sensitive environments with other land uses, including industrial and commercial development and operations, remedial actions, public access and recreation, transportation infrastructure and other urban land uses.  Gisele is experienced with all phases of project planning and implementation, including site analysis and feasibility evaluation, master planning, mitigation planning, design, construction documents, cost estimating, construction administration, monitoring and maintenance plans, as well as regulatory analysis and compliance, and grant support.  Gisele is also the principal at Waterfront Environmental.


David Sherrard, AICP

Senior Planner

David is a senior environmental planner with over three decade’s experience managing complex planning, environmental review and regulatory programs for public and private clients. His experience encompasses the Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), GMA Comprehensive Plans, Critical Areas regulations, Shoreline Management programs, Transportation Plans, Subarea Plans, and a variety of infrastructure plans.   He has worked on a wide variety of private projects ranging from large Master Plan Developments, to commercial and industrial development, to single family subdivisions and permits. David is particularly skilled in applying complex scientific issues to address local public policy requirements.  He has developed regulations for environmentally sensitive areas, shorelines, tree preservation, wireless communication facilities, utilities, subdivision, planned unit developments, and design review.  His extensive experience working for municipal government provides him with a perspective on the need to meet multiple and competing goals in projects and programs.


Liz Springborn

Senior GIS Analyst

Liz is a senior GIS analyst with 20 years of applied GIS experience related to terrestrial, coastal and marine environments in the Pacific Northwest and Europe. Liz is a cartographer who specializes in spatial database creation, analysis, maintenance, and management. She is also experienced in web map usability design with a focus on visual design, user interaction, and application testing. Her work in Federal, State, and research organizations has involved providing customer service and working with large, multidisciplinary teams.


Don Weitkamp, PhD

Senior Biologist

Don has conducted a variety of projects ranging from permitting to contaminated site remediation projects at Puget Sound shoreline locations for over 40 years. Don’s expertise includes site contamination, estuarine and freshwater biological assessment, remediation alternatives analysis, habitat restoration, site monitoring and litigation support. He has conducted numerous investigations to analyze the habitat important to endangered species, particularly shoreline habitats, and provided ESA analyses to achieve project approvals. Don has resolved a variety of complex sediment and Natural Resource Damage Assessment issues, and conducted agency, NGO, and general public coordination. Don is effective at working with representatives of agencies and public interest groups to incorporate their interests in development and mitigation alternatives that generate broad support, allowing the projects to occur.