Leon Environmental, LLC is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in aquatic natural resource science, permitting, sediments, contaminated site management, and technology solutions.  We serve as an extension of clients' staff for issues requiring additional expertise or resources.  We deliver multidisciplinary solutions to the challenges our clients face in designing, permitting, and conducting aquatic, shoreline and technology projects in the Pacific Northwest. 

Our technical areas of expertise include:

  • Permitting and Regulatory Compliance:  Federal, state and local permits
  • Habitat Restoration Design:  Estuarine wetlands and shorelines
  • Sediment Investigations:  Dredging characterizations and remedial investigations
  • Dredged Material Management:  Beneficial reuse and open-water disposal
  • CERCLA/MTCA/RCRA:  Technical solutions, project management and litigation support
  • Endangered Species Act (ESA):  Science-based analysis and compliance
  • Biological Assessment (BA) and Evaluation (BE):  Preparation and peer-review
  • State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA):  SEPA documentation and compliance
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA):  NEPA compliance and EIS
  • Technology Solutions:  Data visualization, spatial analysis, modeling
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS):  Design, support and analysis
  • Grant writing:  Project funding and support