Our scientists and engineers all provide 20 - 40+ years of experience conducting a wide range of biological, hydrological, and sediment investigations, with a special focus on aquatic environments.  Our staff have prepared and implemented monitoring programs for a wide range of fish, invertebrate, and plant species. We have particular expertise in analyses of Endangered Species Act listed species (BEs & BAs) to achieve approval of both freshwater and marine actions.  These efforts have commonly involved habitat restoration design to avoid or mitigate impacts of proposed actions.  We provide information in the form of maps or other data visualization to aid decision making, and provide technology solutions that combine environmental science information into tools that meet client needs.


Site investigation, characterization, and remediation

Our senior associates each offer decades of experience conducting chemical, biological and physical site investigations on behalf of clients needing federal, state and local agency project approvals.

  • Sediment characterization – chemistry, toxicity and conventional testing
  • Eelgrass and macrophyte surveys
  • Benthic biota
  • Fish habitat assessment and restoration
  • Impact minimization
  • Contaminated sediment remediatio
  • Woodwaste characterization and remediation
  • Beneficial reuse of dredged sediments
  • Bathymetry
  • Data visualization and analysis

Pier demolition/removal & creosote studies

Our staff are experienced in the removal of old creosote treated timber structures that are common in Pacific Northwest ports, marinas and waterways.  Many of these structures are past their useful life and must be removed to allow efficient continued shoreline operations. 

  • Investigations and resolution of demolition issues
  • Demolition permitting
  • Monitoring of biological and sediment contamination during demolition
  • Sediment remediation following demolition
  • Analysis of creosote release and biological contamination

Shoreline, intertidal & subtidal habitat design, restoration and mitigation

We have conducted intertidal and shallow subtidal investigations to support shoreline redevelopment permitting in a number of Pacific Northwest shoreline areas including:

  • Existing habitat characterizations
  • Agency-Tribal coordination to develop restoration goals
  • Alternative design concepts
  • Public-NGO presentations and coordination
  • Final design and monitoring
  • Ordinary High Water Mark delineation

ESA evaluations

Our Endangered Species Act (ESA) evaluations have focused primarily on listed species that rely on aquatic and riparian habitats.  We have a library of scientific reports that support our analysis of the presence and absence of adverse effects to listed species included in these analyses.  Our expertise includes:

  • Preparation of biological evaluations / assessments for actions
  • Critical habitat evaluations
  • Routinely updating ESA listing information
  • Habitat evaluation and restoration design
  • Essential Fish Habitat Evaluations
  • Environmental Assessments of species and habitats
  • Salmon habitat design, restoration and monitoring

Freshwater resources and wetland science

Our staff has experience in a number of freshwater monitoring, evaluation, and restoration projects in support of salmon habitat, water quality, and biological diversity.  Our wetland habitat design efforts have provided freshwater wetlands and saltmarsh habitat that restores functions necessary to support reproduction and natural rearing conditions for aquatic species, including endangered fish and wildlife.

  • Habitat design, restoration, and mitigation
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Steam benthos monitoring and assessment
  • Inventorying and mapping of riparian noxious weed populations
  • Limnological data collection
  • Watershed mapping and geospatial support

Hydroelectric licensing & support

We have more than 40 years' experience in activities supporting hydroelectric licensing and relicensing ranging from conceptual design through analysis of the performance including:

  • Anadromous fish passage
  • Operations effects on salmonid reproduction
  • Hydraulic model evaluation of biological effects
  • Assessment of habitat effects
  • Water quality investigations
  • Expert testimony
  • Dissolved gas supersaturation and Gas Bubble Disease

Litigation support

Our senior associates have experience providing expert testimony and litigation support in a broad range of technical capacities including:

  • Federal, State and local litigation support and expert testimony
  • Shorelines Hearings Board expert testimony
  • Water Pollution Control Board expert testimony
  • CERCLA/MTCA cost recovery and allocation
  • Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) appeals
  • Land use code:  adoption, judicial review, hearings, appeals, and interpretations
  • SEPA administrative appeals
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission licensing expert testimony
  • Geotechnical expert testimony exhibit support
  • Exhibits (data presentations/analysis, posters, videos and interactive presentations)